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    How to a Pick Portable Movie Player

    Coby MP977-8G 7 Inch 8GB HD Video Player with HDMI - BlackTry to count all of the movies that have been created since the first motion picture – and that counts even those before the 90’s. Not to mention that you’ll still be counting the movies from so many countries around the world. Just think about those figures and it still seems like there is just not enough movies. They are great for so many purposes. You can use them for learning like in documentaries. You can use them for simply entertaining yourself on a flight. Since there are just not enough movies, you might have already considered having a portable movie player along with you.

    Coby MP977-8G 7 Inch 8GB HD Video Player with HDMI – Black

    However, not because a gadget is portable and can play a movie file means that it’s good enough. A lot of gadgets, even the authentic ones, can only run for less than two hours. Yes, it can play a movie, but that’s just one movie and it’s not enough to cover your flight so here, learn how to pick a portable movie player that would be the best for your liking.

    Points to not when picking portable movie player

    Creative Zen 20 GB Portable Media CenterThe first thing that must be looked at in learning how to pick a portable movie player has already been mentioned: the running time of the portable movie player. One good indicator of a short running time is to look at its multi-tasking capabilities. For example, a gadget whose main task is not exactly to play movies is expected to have a really short movie playing span. Generally, these kinds of gadgets are meant for playing games, other features such as playing videos, surfing the web, or listening to music are just secondary features. While there are only a few gadgets that can be portable movie players but has a long battery life, you can always extend its running time by using earphones instead of its built-in speakers.

    Creative Zen 20 GB Portable Media Center

    Graphics are almost of no question in these days; almost all portable movie players available in the market are now using good quality LCD’s so we’ll skip this one. The quality of the sound to be produced will also be skipped since they can be enhanced by the headphones that you use. The next thing that we’ll look at in learning how to pick a portable movie player is to measure the storage capacity of the portable movie player. The storage capacity of a movie player can of course be increased since memory sticks are changeable. The trick here is to look for what kind of storage devices are supported by your player and find out the maximum capacity for that kind of storage device.

    Not all kinds of memory cards are supported by every possible portable movie player. For example, a certain gadget only uses SD and UMD’s for its data and as of now, the highest storage capacity of an SD card is somewhere around 32GB. This means that the highest possible storage capacity of your player is just up to 32GB. If you can find a movie player that supports a higher storage capacity than that, then the better it probably is.

    Other options of portable movie player

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